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Lisa Danielle Smith's Favorite Beaches Around the World & Why Travel is Important for the So

Sun-kissed beach bohemian Lisa Danielle Smith reminds us of our magic

Instagram: @lisadanielle__


Interview: Maranda Pleasant


Q: You travel so much. How do you stay centered and healthy on the road?

A: I love to scout out local markets for fresh fruit and veggies, practice yoga, and pamper myself with face masks. I also love to have a break from technology and do some serious exploring in nature!

Q: What are some of your favorite beaches in the world?

A: My top favorites are Whites Beach in New South Wales, Waimea Bay in Hawaii and Uluwatu in Indonesia.

Q: What are a few of your favorite experiences? Any recommendations?

A: When I travelled around Morocco, which was a sensory overload! Sounds, smells, heat, rugs, kittens, and all-pink everything! Also driving to the Sahara Desert to camp under the stars, dining & riding camels with the Berber people—this was incredible and an experience I will never forget! And one of my favorite experiences at home in Byron Bay—once a month I love to go to the beach with my best friends and watch the sunset and then watch the full moon rise over the ocean—absolute magic.

Q: Travel essentials? What are your must-haves?

A: My travel essentials are some easy throw-on dresses, my camera, swimmers, a Turkish towel, my reusable water bottle, perfume, and toiletries! Oh, and my Insta hubby, of course.

Q: Why is travel so important for the soul?

A: Travel is so important so you can feel connected to others in the world and to meet amazing people. It’s important to travel with an open heart and open mind, to immerse yourself in other cultures to experience their beliefs and the way they live. I believe there is something you can learn from everyone you meet! It’s also good for the soul to witness all of the beautiful natural wonders that are out there, so we can appreciate it and take care of this precious planet.

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