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Spring Cleaning Your Energy

Beth Golpe


We all know when it’s that first day of Spring – that day when you suddenly realize all at once that you don’t need your puffy winter coat, the sun is shining, gray winter clouds are nowhere to be seen, and wait – are those birds chirping? Winter is finally over. What’s the first thing you do? Open all the windows? Drag out your cleaning supplies? Strip the linens and put away your flannel duvet? Me too!What we’re trying to do in this ritual, whether we realize it or not, is to physically clean our space, as well as to cleanse and remove stagnant winter energy. Spring is a season of growth and possibility. Here are three other intentional ways to clean up your energy and get that Spring in your step.

Donate Your Clutter

Nothing makes me feel lighter and creates more white space in my life than donating bags of clothes, books and other items cluttering up my home. You can feel the energy shift immediately. Creating white space makes room for new and wonderful things you may be calling into your life. Also, it doesn’t get any easier than giving to a charity that will pick-up these donations right at your front door. Research your charity thoroughly, but my tried and true favorite is

Smudge with Sage

I know this can seem a little witchy and intimidating, but I promise once you start smudging you’ll forever be a fan of the ancient ritual. Hold the sage stick in your dominant hand, and waft the smoke in a clockwise motion around the rooms of your house with the windows open. While you’re smudging, set an intention or say a mantra such as, “with Spring comes new life, fresh energy, and joyful moments in this space.” Not only will this ritual help clean the energy in your home as you begin the season of renewal, an added benefit is a clean, fresh smell. The popularity of sage smudging has yielded a countless variety of vendors and sage-herb combinations that can be purchased at a number of online retailers, big and small. I personally recommend white sage and lavender bundled together.

Welcome Nature

Indoors Now that we have created white space by donating items and cleansed the space with ritual and intention, it’s time to bring some nature indoors. I don’t mean to invite a squirrel commune to come live with you, I simply mean to bring things inside your home that were made by nature. My tried and true favorites are flowers and crystals. Try hunting for a pretty, budget-friendly bouquet when you’re out and about, procure some crystals that align with the intentions you’ve set for your space, or place some potted plants in the window sill. The visual reminder of growth, patience, and nurturing does wonders for the energy of your home, not to mention being simply beautiful.

These three suggestions are simple yet powerful ways to have a fresh and energetic start to this magical season of growth and change. I hope I’ve convinced you to throw open the windows and give your soul a little Spring cleaning as well!

Beth is the founder of, obsessed with helping you create moments of joy, mindfulness, and magic in your daily life.

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