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Start Your Day Clear: Your First 5 Minutes & Getting Comfortable with Silence

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1. Scan your body. Slowly pay attention to your body starting with your head working your way down to your toes. Notice any tension you’re holding. Release the tension and then relax your muscles.

2. Consciously observe any object around your house. Outline it with your mind. How does it look and feel in your hands.

3. Count from 10. Close your eyes and practice slowly counting backwards. Notice how your mind wanders. Keep refocusing and bringing your attention back as you count slowly.

4. Set your intention and mood for the day. Speak it out loud. Envision it happening the way that you want. Adopt a mantra. (Everything is easy today, it’s the best day ever, I can handle anything, all I do is win, etc.). Keep coming back to this throughout the day if/when things get hairy.

5. Name 10 things you are grateful for as quickly as you can. If you hear yourself complaining and going negative, do a hard reset and do another 10 gratitudes whenever you need. It recalibrates and shifts perspective. The key is catching yourself before you’re in a full downward spiral setting everything on fire.

Healthy Living Tips Making Peace with Silence Transform Your Mind:

{1.} Turn off the TV when you’re not actually watching it.

{2} Ride in the car without the radio playing.

{3} Go for a walk without your cell phone.

{4} Shut off your electronics once in awhile just to take a break.

{5} Let your kids read a book instead of playing video games.

{6} Make quiet a priority in your home. Unnecessary yelling or background noise wares on the nervous system.

{7} Reflect on your goals. Set goals for the future. Write them down in your journal.

{8} Pay attention to your feelings when they arise. You can hear things when you’re quiet that you can’t when you’re busy.

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