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THRIVE Magazine Leads The Plant-based Movement

THRIVE Magazine


Instagram: @thrivemags


The plant-based movement grows every single year. More grocery shelf space, more demand, more veg restaurants, even fast food joints all seem to have a vegan alternative these days.

For seven years THRIVE Magazine shows readers that healthy, plant-based food is more than just fuel or a bland recipe that will be served with looks of dreaded disappointment at the dinner table. In fact, the images in this magazine are not only mouthwatering but visually and artistically stunning

A flip through the pages reveals beautifully designed vegan desserts, plant-based burgers, and colorful smoothies that provide endless recipe inspiration and simply gorgeous table decoration. Each issue is a complete vegan cookbook, loaded with more than 75 different recipes designed to please cooks and foodies with a wide variety of kitchen experience and taste preferences. With their food features coming from both established and emerging accounts on social media, every magazine is a collaboration amongst more than 40 international chefs and food lovers. They also bring together established and emerging plant-based brands and connect them with leaders and influencers in the food, wellness and vegan food communities, through their in-house creative agency, The Plant Folks.

THRIVE Magazine was founded in 2013 by Maranda Pleasant who is also the publisher of a boutique publishing house. Her publications consistently utilize high-quality photos and the best paper in the industry. Picking up a THRIVE Magazine at the grocery store feels like bringing home a small treasure. The product is substantial, like a book you want to save for future inspiration or display on your counter for visual appeal. Pleasant’s team is not only thoughtful and meticulous with their layout and design, but they are also 85% female and often encourage and empower women on social media who are fighting for a chance to be recognized in this field.

For the past seven years, THRIVE has been an essential vehicle for recipe and lifestyle inspiration as well as social change.


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