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Your 58-Page DIGITAL Guide For Dealing With Narcissists. Sensitive Souls


Why you May Attract Narcissists and Abuse + Dealing With Anxiety & Breakups. 



Check out a few of the articles included:


  • Three reasons why highly sensitive people are targeted by narcissists
  • Five signs you're in a romantic relationship with a narcissist
  • Nine full quotes for healing inspiration
  • Nine signs you're dealing with an emotional manipulator
    *Hint, nothing is ever their fault
  • Are you an empath?
  • Challenges for empaths and tips for healthy boundaries
  • Mantra Quiz: Am I a sensitive person?
  • Five signs it's time to bless and let go of a relationship
  • Why you might not recognize red flags if you had a painful childhood
  • How to help yourself after a breakup
  • 14 signs that you may be in an abusive relationship and the link between childhood trauma
  • Are you experiencing gaslighting?
  • 19 ways to recognize the signs
  • Poster: This is not the year that you stay silent
  • Four phrases used to manipulate you and how to respond
  • 14 ways to avoid financial and self-care catastrophe after divorce
  • Why practicing compassion for empaths is not always positive
  • A message to the fixers
  • Mantra Quiz: Identifying trauma that is still in your body
  • Poster: You’re crazy to everyone that can’t manipulate you
  • Sensitive people: Understanding, loving and functioning as a highly sensitive person
  • Is it time to take a friendship inventory?
  • Mantra Quiz: Could I be a highly sensitive person?
  • Build self-esteem and foster emotional healing
  • Poster: Embrace the Glorious mess that you are
  • The slipperiness of forgiveness and letting people come back
  • 5 life-changing mantras to activate joy in uncertain times
  • Mantra Quiz: the anxiety intake
  • How to dissolve your inner critic
  • Seven tips if you're feeling overwhelmed
  • Creative people: Learning, loving and understanding creatives
  • Overcoming social anxiety and the fear of failure
  • Growing through grief and loss
  • Four things you can learn about love from a breakup
  • Find your Enneagram personality type
  • Panic attacks and dealing with anxiety
  • Moving through grief, trauma and loss



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Your 58-Page DIGITAL Guide For Dealing With Narcissists. Sensitive Souls

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