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BECOME A PATRON and support female-owned, independent media. 


Instead of just asking for support as paper/print costs double, we asked what we could offer donors who want to support our work.


Our First Ever "BEST OF" Digital Issue is here. More than 300 Pages.

Inside you'll find:


  • Journal write-in pages
  • Quotes
  • Quizzes
  • Vision board tools
  • Getting to know you
  • Self-care tips
  • 30-days of thoughtfulness
  • Reflection prompts
  • Articles for healing
  • Recognizing negative patterns
  • Mindfulness guides
  • Designing your life pointers
  • New beginning ideas
  • Soul rewilding insights
  • Healing your gut
  • And more


Our First Ever "BEST OF" Digital Issue - Become a Patron

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