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Maranda's Jewelry Picks

Editor-in-chief Maranda Pleasant shares her top 5 favorite jewelry designers.

"For years, these women have kept me adorned, protected and empowered."


Instagram: @marandapleasant


Ananda Soul Creations

Ethically Made, Sourced and Created with Love + Intention.

Our inspiration, Christina Zipperlen, creates as a portal for women reminding them of their beauty, strength and wisdom.


The most exquisite malas I’ve ever seen. I feel like an urban priestess when I wear these. Swathimaa, the creative force, called me one day from Bali, as I was sitting in my car, during one of the toughest months of my life. She told me she felt like I needed protection and express shipped some of the most beautiful, unique pieces I’ve ever seen. Powerful, healing with an ancient soul feel.

Her story is pretty mystical.

Swati Jr.

Wild Moon Goddess + Urban Priestess Saraswati hand creates each piece. I am not actually sure she is from this realm. She conjures up the mystical and magical and channels the spiritual into the tangible. Cosmic sorcery in jewelry form. A Vedic Astrology prophet mixing metals and jewels like potions, creating some kind of visual alchemy that I’ve never seen before.


I met Satya 4 years ago, at Sharon Gannon’s book party. I was fangirling over Sting holding our magazine, when she walked up to me and introduced herself. I had been trying to meet her for years. She literally took a 6-strand bracelet off her wrist and gave it to me. Still wearing it as I type this. I don’t take her necklaces and rings off. I’m guilty of sleeping in them. She gives me super powers.


I discovered Shakti this year. Everyday I wear my medicine pouch, filled with love stones and my Lakshmi choker, and Ganesh mantra necklaces. Can you tell I like to layer?

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