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Lauren Bullen Talks Travel Must-Haves and Self Care On The Road

Globe-trotting, road-tripping phenomenon Lauren Bullen shares the importance of travel and the truth she lives by



Q: What are some of your favorite experiences traveling?

A: Watching the sky fill with hot air balloons while having breakfast on the rooftop of our hotel in Cappadocia Turkey. Our entire India trip with beautiful destinations, weddings and Holli festival.

Q: Travel must haves? A: Noise cancelling headphones, a minimum of 10 different swimsuits, and of course my boyfriend.

Q: What’s your wellness routine on the road?

A: Staying healthy on the road is a huge important struggle. During nights I find it the hardest, but I try to regularly work out even when on work trips. I’m vegetarian so lots of the food options end up being pretty healthy.

Q: Favorite beaches? A: Of course home, Australia has some of the best!

Q: You and Jack have more than 2.5 million followers that are inspired by your travel lust! How’d that start?

A: I was just doing my own travels and learning how to use a camera and do edits when I got into instagramming, then after a while my local tourism in Queensland contacted me to be a part of a job which was so exciting!

Q: Why is travel good for the soul?

A: It broadens your mind, let’s you be who you are, meet people from all walks of life, and you learn so much! Travelling is how you learn the most important lessons in life.

Q: Truth you live by? A: The truth is that life is too short, and you should make the most of any opportunity.

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