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Designing Your Creative Sanctuary with Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison dishes on flea market fab, constructive chaos & designing your home sanctuary


Instagram: @fleamarketfab


Q: Why are flea markets so magical?

A: I love Flea Markets! Love them so much! Everyone is there for the same reason, to find that one piece. Whether it be a cabinet or a tool, we are just there appreciating the love of recycle and junk. Flea markets are the land of the curious, from the people to the parts. Everything is interesting and everything has a story. You can find everything and anything at a flea market and it's one of a kind or vintage, it's really the interior design mecca right now. Flea markets are the cool factor today. I don't want what everyone else has, so shopping vintage has always been in my blood. It's all for the treasure!

Q: How do you create a sacred space at home and work? What inspires you?

A: I feel having a scared place to retreat to at home is so important. With the everyday life of social media, kids, work, business, you must have that time and place where you can unwind and relax. Your sacred place may consist of a blanket, cushion, plants, reading a book, it's whatever your place of comfort is. Mine is my porch, It gives me life. I have a wrap around covered outdoor porch that is my favorite place in my house. Every spring I decorate it, I bring the inside out, and it's the most inspirational area for me. Every February I prepare for the new style and decor. So when flea season hits I am ready and know what I am looking for.

Q: What is essential to creating a personal sanctuary?

A: Creating that personal sanctuary is really what makes you happy. What are your favorite things, what brings you life, inspiration and happiness. Those are the key pieces to create that place of comfort or space that is a big part of your day to day. It could be as simple as a paint color on a wall, a pillow you may have found, or a painting. It’s really what connects with you and makes the space yours.

Q: How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

A: Chaos. I truly believe that chaos is a key to many people’s success. When it’s happening I know you can’t see it that way, but in the end you realize you survived it and did it in a way that you may have shocked yourself. I see chaos as a business compliment, kind of the same way as the saying “when it rains it pours.” It makes me focus on the priorities and doesn’t allow me room for error. When I have a million things happening somehow someway I get it done and it’s better than expected. Of course I am human and get stressed and worry about timing, but then you take a step back and realize, you can do this!!! Chaos has taught me strength, and confidence and it’s not worth the stress in the end.

Q: What does living a conscious life mean to you?

A: Living a conscious life is definitely an art, it’s not something people today really think about. You have to be true to yourself and believe in what your day-to-day is. When you have children you are taught to think consciously for their protection and growth. But you tend to not do it for yourself.

Q: What do you do exactly?

A: I am an interior stylist and designer that incorporates flea’d and garage sale pieces into designs for spaces. For 2016 I focused on following my passion and designed multiple styles of pillows and floor cushions made from vintage rugs. I made this my priority and focused on quality control and new styles along the way. Now I am back to offering my design services as well as looking to start a rental company. I am continuing with textile designs with all new styles this year.

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