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Taking What You Have Left & Making Something New... Designing With Intention

CEO of Poo~Pourri, Suzy Batiz shares how she converted an old church into a breath-taking sanctuary where she now lives & hosts business retreats for women



I began envisioning what the church could be and opened myself up to learning along the way, collaborating with the wonderful creative genius, Allie Hill of Yeti & the Beast. We played along the way, and both of us grew greatly during this adventure, learning how to start with a feeling, not a design philosophy... I knew how I wanted to feel in each room—that was my inspiration. For example, I wanted to feel especially playful and inspired in my office, the main creative hub for writing my upcoming book and for hosting women’s business retreats. So, I chose a space that had an expansive view and was originally used as a playroom for children in the church. Many of the pieces in the office were also made of repurposed objects, such as a side table crafted from the church’s old fire escape, and a conference table made out of industrial fans found in the attic.

Choose each piece with intention... When you start each room with a feeling or, as I like to say, a resonance, it’s easy to choose pieces with intention. To make my bedroom feel peaceful, like floating on a cloud, I used soft pieces such as gauze, which I draped around my bed, and dream catchers paired with light colors and elements. only use pieces you love.

Don’t worry about what matches... Because I only chose pieces I loved, a truly unique style began to resonate through each room. I was drawn to pieces with a story, so 90 percent of the content in the church is vintage, artisan-made, or recycled. If I loved it and it had a story, it belonged in the church.

Take what you have left and make something new . . . In a way this whole experience epitomized the story of my life— always taking inventory of what I had left and building a new life off of that. The previous owners of the church didn’t leave me much, but I took everything they left me and I transformed it. It’s symbolic of the internal recycling project we are sometimes faced with during transformation. The feeling, intention and love we invested in each space amplifies and touches everyone who enters. With resonance, energy, creativity and aliveness abounding, I truly feel that my spirit is reflected in the church. It has become a sacred living space for me, as well as a sacred gathering space, A Temple of Transformation, for all my guests.

Suzy Batiz is the inventor, founder and CEO of Poo~Pourri, a toilet spray that stops bathroom odor by creating a barrier of natural essential oils on the water’s surface. An expert in entrepreneurial intuition, Suzy teaches other entrepreneurs her feminine approach to business through speaking engagements, hosting women’s business retreats and her upcoming book, Radical Resonance.

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