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The Perfect Chocolate "Nice-Cream" Recipe

Canadian Sarah Kermalli shares two incredible vegan ice cream recipes and tells us her baking secrets!




Q: Any food secrets?

A: Putting salad dressing on my roasted vegetables—it gives them such a tangy flavor!

Q: Any baking tips you swear by?

A: I’ve been really lucky with baking. Most things turn out. I think it’s about eyeing the batter before you put in the oven—if it seems clumpy or thin, chances are you need to add a little bit more to make it even. With cookies, I undercook them by a minute and let them cool down on the pan they came out in.

Q: What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

A: Aside from bananas? I would say spinach and avocados. I also like adding powders, like maca and protein powder.

Q: Favorite ingredients for burgers?

A: Chickpeas. I love them in hummus, in falafels, in curries—they’re so easy and versatile!

Q: Your last food discovery? Ingredients or tips?

A: My last discovery? Blue-green spirulina! It’s been making magic in my smoothie bowl! Also, I’ve been adding soaked cashews and tahini into my smoothies for extra creaminess.

Chocolate Nice-Cream

2 tbsp cashews, soaked overnight 1⁄4 cup coconut milk 1⁄4 cup dark chocolate almond milk 2 tbsp chocolate coconut yogurt

1⁄4 avocado 1 Medjool date A few leaves of baby spinach 3 frozen bananas 2 tbsp cacao powder

Strawberry Raspberry Nice Cream

4 frozen bananas 1 cup raspberries and strawberries 1 tbsp protein powder 1 tsp chia seeds 1⁄2 cup almond milk 1 tbsp coconut yogurt 1 tsp acai powder

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