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Living a Life of Love & Slowing Down in a Fast World

Interview with Alexandra Michelle Lerner, wellness + travel blogger and yoga instructor


Instagram: @alliemichelle


Q: What’s something that you’ve struggled with and what helped you overcome it?

A: Being my true self. I struggled with finding my voice my whole life and was terrified to feel empowered or dare to live my heart’s desires. I have always been in love with books and read a story about how birds will throw themselves out of the nest whether or not they know they can fly. I think that’s important: to actually create a life that you’re in love with whether or not you know how things will turn out.

"You can receive the answer to any question in life if you slow down and listen with an open heart."

Q: What’s something that is essential to your healthy routine? Anything you swear by?

A: Meditation. When I first started, I was sitting there waiting for the minutes to go by so I could pretend like I did something. It’s so important to slow down every day because life moves pretty fast. You can receive the answer to any question in life if you slow down and listen with an open heart.

Q: How did you pick yourself up in one of your lowest moments?

A: I finished school and felt so lost. I had no idea what my purpose was or the point of life in general. I was on the verge of an eating disorder and had depression. What people don’t realize with depression is sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason. Everything can be going right and still feel completely wrong. I was just out of my body and had no connection to myself or the universe. I walked into a yoga studio and they were offering a teacher training; I had chills throughout my entire body. Sometimes life pulls you in a new direction and you have to follow the tug. I went home and withdrew from all of my college classes and signed up for teacher training. Since then I have completely fallen in love with life. You truly are more than the sum of your experiences.

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