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Our Favorite Yoga Power Couple, Honza & Claudine Lafond

A.k.a the masterminds behind AcroVinyasa, parents to adorable baby Sofie and #relationshipgoals


Instagram: @yogabeyond & @acrovinyasa


Claudine: My yoga journey began at 15 in Bali when I was invited to an Iyengar class in a home garden. I recall my fascination at the complexity of the two hour practice and the beautiful, mysterious chants and smiling from ear to ear at the end of the practice. I went back every day for the next five weeks, and by the time I got back to New York, I knew that teaching yoga would become my life’s journey. I sought out every opportunity to study and practice, and once I finished my degree in the performing arts, I knew that I was meant to pursue this path of yoga as my expression of performing art.

Honza: I discovered yoga through my love for meditation and philosophy. Growing up in the Czech Republic, I had an insatiable hunger for finding the answers to life’s transcendental questions. After immersing myself in various spiritual teachings through reading and regular meditation, I began collecting a collage of beliefs that over time brought much needed clarity to the invisible lens through which I perceive the world around and within me. My physical practice began at 19 when I stumbled into a yoga class in Sydney. As time passed, I knew that I wanted to delve in deeper, so I traveled to Nepal to trek the mountains and study yoga. When I returned, I knew that Claudine and I would create something together.

Since then, we have been navigating our way down a fast-moving stream of expansion where we are now teaching together, traveling the globe, and running our own teacher trainings. As we have developed, so has our practice and our offering. We love all forms of movement and were driven to create something that fused the elements of the things we love most: vinyasa yoga, inversion training, and acroyoga. We spent countless hours exploring how we could blend these elements together and have found a very successful way to do so. Our intention is to inspire playfulness and community, as we teach adults how to reconnect with the child within. We are all searching for deeper connection and our goals are based strongly around encouraging this opportunity to connect the global community. Our practice of ACROVINYASA TM takes yoga from earth to air. Uniting elements of vinyasa, acroyoga, and inversion training, this practice cultivates trust and community in a powerful way. The core of our practice is focused on synchronizing breath in movement, building strength, and finding balance.

We aim to practice the gifts and teachings of yoga in our daily life. We practice patience, mutual respect, contentment, non-attachment, surrender and compassion. It may be challenging, though, so it’s important to be honest with yourself on and off the mat. In a relationship, this is paramount and we do our best to do our work and practice our yoga every day. We have been together for almost nine years and it has been an amazing and wild ride ever since. It’s not always easy, but it’s damn worth it!

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