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Detox Secrets, Wild Herbs and Perfect Summer Recipes: Raw Raspberry Cake, Buddha Bowl & Mango Sa

Susanna Bingemer, Eat Sleep Green!



1. New Ingredients to Try: Veggies like kohlrabi (cabbage turnip). I’ve created a salad with it. And there are also lots of edible blossoms and flowers which we could use more often. I’m blessed, because in summer I can just go in my garden. But you can find them everywhere in nature, or even at the farmers market.

2. Food Secret: Lemon zest! It gives a special aromatic kick to nearly every recipe, and it’s also healthy. For example, it helps to detox. Lemon zest has to be in my chia pudding, smoothies, raw cakes, salad dressings, soups and other savory dishes. Most of the time, I can use lemon juice for my recipe as well, so I use the entire lemon—which is sustainable.

3. Ingredients For Detoxing or Cleansing: My daily detox routine is chlorella powder in water on an empty stomach and then hot lemon water, every morning. For detoxing, I love lemon juice and zest, fresh coriander, fresh ginger and chia seeds. I also love wild herbs that grow in my garden like bishop’s goutweed, nettle and dandelion. When the leaves are young and bright green, they are the most powerful. I put them in salads and smoothies and make vegan pesto out of them.

Raw Vegan Raspberry Cake with Cocoa Crust

Makes a small cake ca. 18 cm diameter


80 g hazelnuts

20 g cacao nibs

100 g dried dates

20 g raw chocolate


225 g cashew nuts

1 lemon

90 g coconut oil

6 tbsp maple syrup

300 g raspberries (fresh or frozen)

½ tsp vanilla powder salt

6-7 tbsp almond milk


150 g frozen raspberries

1 tbsp maple syrup

100 g mixed fresh berries

soy cream

ground vanilla


Soak cashew nuts in water for at least 2 hours—even longer is better. To make the crust, blend nuts, cacao nibs and roughly chopped dates in a food processor. Pulse to obtain a sticky dough. Chop the chocolate and knead it into the dough. Cover the bottom of the springform pan with baking paper. Spread out the dough in the pan with your hands. Cool in the fridge. To prepare the filling, wash the lemon with hot water and pat it dry. Then finely grate the zest of the whole lemon. Press juice from ½ lemon. Strain and wash cashews with cold water, then drain. Put cashews in the food processor or a good blender. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice, lemon zest, coconut oil, maple syrup, 300 g raspberries, vanilla powder, a pinch of salt and 6½ tbsp almond milk. Blend to a very smooth cream. If necessary, add another tbsp almond milk. Spread the raspberry cream evenly on the crust and let solidify in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Take out of the freezer at least 20 minutes prior to serving. For the topping, blend 150 g frozen raspberries with the maple syrup until smooth and liquid. If you want a more solid texture, you can also use a gelling agent with agar-agar or pectin. Whip the soy cream and garnish your cake with berry sauce, soy cream, berries and vanilla powder.


Buddha Bowl with Beetroot Hummus and Miso Dressing

Beetroot Hummus

Serves 4-6

1 lemon

Approx 400 g cooked chickpeas with a little bit of cooking liquid (or a 440 g glass or can)

125 g cooked beetroot

6 sprigs thyme

3 tbsp tahini

½ tsp ground cumin

1 tsp sweet pepper

5 tbsp olive oil P


Press the juice from ½ lemon. Drain chickpeas, but keep the cooking liquids. Cut beets into coarse pieces. Strip thyme leaves from the sprigs. Put everything in a food processor or a high-speed blender. (You can also use a hand blender and a mixing cup.) Add tahini, cumin, sweet pepper and olive oil. Mix to a very fine paste. If necessary, add a little bit of the cooking liquids. Season to taste and transfer into a bowl.

Miso Dressing

Serves 1-2

Blend 4 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tbsp olive oil and 1-2 tsp Gochujang (Korean chili paste with miso, or just use miso and a little bit of chili paste) until it’s creamy.


Serves 1

Cut ½ avocado in slices, spiralize 1-2 (heirloom) carrots, wash and dry a handful of baby spinach, cook 100 g of edamame tagliatelle in salty water and blanch a handful of Thai asparagus. Arrange everything in a bowl. Add some hummus, the miso dressing and ½ lime. Top the hummus with dukkah and the avocado with black sesame seeds or nigella.


Mango Salad with Kohlrabi and Spicy Dressing

Serves 2

Salad Ingredients

1 mango

1 kohlrabi (cabbage turnip)

1 big carrot

2 cm fresh ginger

1 handful fresh coriander

2-3 leaves wild garlic (optional)

2 passion fruits

1 handful roasted peanuts

½ tsp black sesame seeds

For the Dressing

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp light soy sauce

2 tbsp maple syrup

4 tbsp lime juice

1 tsp lime zest

2 tsp hot chili sauce


Peel mango, kohlrabi, carrot and ginger. Cut the mango into slices, and grate the carrot with a rasp grater. Chop ginger finely, and spiralize the kohlrabi with a spiralizer. Rinse coriander and wild garlic, pat them dry and pluck into little pieces. Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop out the insides. Chop the peanuts. Blend all the ingredients for the dressing in a blender until creamy. Arrange mango, veggies, ginger and wild garlic in two jars or bowls. Spread passion fruit and dressing over all and top with peanuts, sesame seeds and coriander.

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