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6 Energy-Boosting, Mood-Enhancing Tips

More happiness. More joy. More radiance.


1. Add new colors into your diet and home.

Shop, cook and truly eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies, adding a wide range of nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants to your diet. Add colorful flowers and bright pillows or accents to create a calm and stress-free kitchen and of office where you can slow down and feast your eyes, mind and body at mealtime. Add bursts of color wherever you can in your work, home and kitchen.

2. Water, the miracle booster.

I was a little shocked to hear from my therapist that hydrating is the number one way to boost my mood, mental focus and clarity, as well as to help with anxiety. He asked me to track my moods according to my hydration levels, and 24 hours after I committed to drinking more than one gallon of water a day during summer, my energy level, mental focus and melancholic tendencies were significantly improved. I cannot stress enough how water is linked not only to your mood and energy, but also to gorgeous, radiant skin and every aspect of nourishing a healthy body.

3. Straighten up.

Standing or sitting upright is directly linked with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, feelings of enthusiasm and excitement, and even a stronger pulse. It also allows for more complete deep breathing and increased oxygen and waste removal from the body. It’s an instant mind-body beauty boost!

4. Keep roses in your home.

Inhaling rose essential oil can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also relax the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Add some rose essential oil to your diffuser or grab a bouquet at your local store for a happiness boost with a calming effect.

5. Gratitude makes you glow.

When you consciously express gratitude for the big and small things in your life, you increase your happiness and your good mood neurotransmitter serotonin and dopamine. Have you ever seen someone that just radiates joy? The fastest way to shine, and boost your mood, is to stop at the first feelings of anxiety and name 10 quick things you are grateful for. Every time you catch yourself complaining, you have to stop and name five things that you love about your life. Instead of putting a quarter in the swear jar, we have a rule in our house: anyone complaining or griping has to stop, drop and name at least five things that they’re thankful for. It shifts the energy and your mood instantly.

6. Get outdoors as much as you can!

Kick off your shoes, get your feet in the grass and feel the sun on your face. Connecting with nature is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to lower stress and increase energy.

7. Eat fermented foods daily.

This helps support a healthy gut, radiant skin, a healthy weight, resilience and even fewer allergies. You can find pre-made sauerkrauts at the grocery store or ferment your own. Recipes next issue.

8. Energy-boosting foods

Spirulina, chlorella, chia and hemp seeds can all be thrown in your morning smoothie for a big boost. It helps balance your blood sugar, has super concentrated nutrients and gives in avocados, organic berries, raw nuts and coconut oil. Energy-enhancing superfoods you long-lasting energy. We also throw like cacao, maca or green tea can rev up the phytochemical power to energize you without the afternoon caffeine crash.

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