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The Dairy Myth Crumbles: Improving Your Health by Rethinking Milk

Cutting Out Dairy Helps Reduce Acne, Inflammation, Diabetes and Bone Degeneration

By Shushana Castle

Coauthor of Rethink Food and The Meaty Truth



Mama Cow Produces Milk for Her Newborn, Not Humans

We now know, lactose intolerance is the body’s natural reaction to all dairy after about age two. We are not meant to digest cow’s milk because we’re not baby cows and do not nutritionally require it. That’s why three-quarters of the world’s population is lactose intolerant!

The Hard Health Facts

Eating dairy to avoid brittle bones and stay strong? Dairy is HIGHLY inflammatory and can directly cause degenerative joints and osteoporosis, not prevent it, like so many paid media and advertising campaigns tout. Dairy becomes highly acidic in the blood, so our bodies extract the calcium, a pH neutralizer, from our bones and deposit it in our bloodstream to balance our acidic pH.

It Causes Weight Gain

Dairy contains the highest levels of bad fat and is packed with carbs that convert to sugar. It also can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, eczema, sinus infections, irritable bowel syndrome, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other ailments.

Dairy Creates Allergies

Dairy is the leading food allergy in our children according to dozens of studies, so why does the government insist on pushing their milk surplus on our children?

It's Bad for Your Skin

Milk has been shown to exacerbate acne, and many experts recommend eliminating dairy as a means to achieving clearer skin.

It's full of Pesticides, Antibiotics and Other Chemicals

Milk may have as many as 420 chemicals lurking inside it, including 35 types of hormones and medications such as amoxicillin, penicillin and tetracycline. Think about cheese, which is 11 times more concentrated than milk!

The Dangers of IGF-1, Mama Cow's Natural Growth Hormone

In its nature, milk contains IGF-1, a very aggressive hormone that is passed from mom to growing baby. This hormone is perfect for the baby cow, but it confuses our immune system and cells. So, sadly, IGF-1 is directly associated with increased cancer and many other diseases.

It's Oozing with Pus

Legally, the dairy industry allows pus in milk, and the USDA is cool with it. There are about 135 million pus cells in every eight-ounce glass of milk. About a drop. Yes, that’s the same pus that oozes out of pimples. Gross! And pus cannot be boiled out or separated from milk.

The Dairy Industry Tortures Animals

Almost all dairy cows live in filthy cages with no room to turn around and they are connected to suction tubes until they can’t produce the industry standard amount. If they don’t die from exhaustion, they are made into hamburger meat. Mastitis is a common painful infection most cows have from being hooked up to have the milk sucked out of them morning, noon and night. They mourn for their babies that are taken and often turned into veal.

Note from the Editor:

There are so many amazing milk alternatives! While almond and soy are the most common, oat and rice milk are fantastic too! We are also loving chocolate hemp milk.

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