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Transforming Your Home in 24 Hours, Creating a Self-Love Sanctuary, and Home Tips You Probably Haven

Designer + Product Stylist, Jen Streeter



How to Transform a Space in 24 hours

Oh, a quick transformation of a space is my FAVORITE! For a homeowner, painting a focal wall in a moody, dramatic color like black can instantly give your space a bold, dramatic feel in no time! Or if that's a little too much drama for you, take a hallway that feels neglected and create a gallery of your favorite pictures from ceiling to floor for a gutsy move that will have your friends chatting about your sense of style long after they leave your place!

Something We Don't Know About You

I’m very much a “tomboy,” as I was often called growing up. I love getting dirty or sweaty or covered in paint, it doesn’t matter. I love to work and I’m very focused/ driven when there’s a job to complete.

A Truth I Know for Sure

You can’t make life choices based on the opinions of others. There’s no possible way to make everyone happy with you! You have to evaluate your life choices based on the outcome you are hoping for and what’s best for your family and future.

“I think that designing your home should evolve over time just like you do. Allow your self to grow and change in your home just like in your life.”

Absolute Necessities for Creating a Nurturing Space

To me, creating a nurturing space starts by surrounding myself with Mother Nature inside my home. Plants provide a connection to the outdoors that provides a sense of relaxation and promote meditation. Another easy way to create a nurturing space is to play soothing music to bring a mood of calm and a slower pace at the end of the day.

Recent Story With My Home

I’d say that our home renovations that we are undergoing have helped me to focus my style in my home. I want my color story in my home to be more cohesive. Black and white have always been my go-to, and it’s now the theme in my whole house, which I LOVE!

Art Tips

I love to go to the craft store and pick out a few of my favorite craft paint color combos and make my own random paintings on an artist canvas. I can customize the colors and the size to my spaces and it's cheap therapy!

Paint Tips

My favorite paint tip would be to ALWAYS have baby wipes or wet wipes close by when you’re painting a space. They make little oops or messes on the floor or trim so much easier/faster to clean up.

Recommendations You Probably Haven't Tried

I would recommend that you create your own artwork for your spaces. I love picking up old, ugly thrift store paintings that might have a gorgeous frame, and using chalkboard paint to paint over the ugly painting inside the frame. Then you can use it to hang by your front door to write messages or a grocery list, or just to fill an empty wall space that needs a little dramatic, mysterious flair! It’s a fun and quick little project!

“You can't make life choices based on the opinions of others. There's no possible way to make everyone happy with you!”

Cheap Home Hacks that Look Expensive

I recently covered the drawers on my bedside dresser with one roll of wallpaper for a more custom look. I cut the paper to the size of the drawer front, applied the paste to the back of the paper and directly applied the paper to the drawer front. It transformed that piece of furniture instantly and gave it more of a boutique, glamorous look with only one roll!

Design Hacks on a Budget

One of my favorite design hacks on a budget for a quick room makeover is using a stencil to create the look of wallpaper. With minimal cost and a little time (AND patience!), you can create a whole new look for a space for very little money! You could also paint an art canvas with a stencil as an option for renters or just for more versatility!

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