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Radically Transform & Renew Your Skin in One Month (Miracle Stuff They Don't Always Tell You

Maranda Pleasant

Here's what works for us.



1. Drink Two Gallons of Water Every Day.

After six days, you’ll be amazed. Your skin will glow, you’ll be less bloated and losing extra holiday weight will be easier. Your mind will also be clearer, and it helps with panic attacks, anxiety and evening your moods.

2. Get Regular Extraction Facials.

To restart your skin, try getting an extraction facial every two weeks in January and February. Work out a deal with a local aesthetician, or find a discount online, as making yourself and your skin a priority for the beginning of the year can really set the tone. Pun not intended. Keeping dirt in your pores can actually stretch them when they are super clogged. Remember, never let a facialist do extractions without sitting under steam for at least a few minutes.

3. Eliminate All Dairy for One Month.

Kiss those dark circles, acne, breakouts, inflammation and allergies goodbye. Tom Brady swears his lack of inflammation is because he cut out dairy. He’s 40 and won his fifth Super Bowl. Sold.

4. Sauna or DIY Steam.

Hot steam from a sauna or a DIY in your shower/bathroom at least three times a week can give you crazy instant results. Remember to alternate between hot and cold to help close and tighten pores.

5. It’s Not a Cliché, Protect Your Sleep!

High-quality rest is crucial for your skin, creativity, productivity, fighting against weight gain, good health, level moods and wellbeing. We swear by eye masks and earplugs. Black out your sleep space with heavy curtains. Relax your mind and body with essential oils and teas like lavender and chamomile. Whatever you do, don’t sleep with your phone next to your bed.

6. Cut Out the Meat.

It may be the fastest way to overhaul your health and your skin. Want protein? Power up your day with a hempseed and protein powder shake. Superfoods can also make a huge difference. We use blue algae, spirulina, kale powder and chlorella every single day. Loads of people find that after 30 days of no meat and dairy, they need less medication for a plethora of illnesses. Check out the film What The Health. Bodybuilders and top athletes like Venus Williams also report faster recovery times, bigger gains and pain-free bodies after eliminating meat and dairy.

7. Watch What You’re Putting on Your Face.

I recommend moisturizing your face two or three times a day in winter and in dry climates. Take a break from moisturizers with tons of alcohols and chemicals, and switch to natural butters and oils. Before you gasp, it won’t clog your pores. Constant cleansing with harsh cleaners and stripping your skin of natural oils creates excess oil production, causing breakouts and acne, not natural oils. If you have a problem with breakouts or acne, eliminating dairy, not using harsh chemical cleansers and using things like shea butter and coconut oil will almost always do the trick. The more pure the better. My biggest splurge is my skincare. I have dry skin so I skip coconut oil and go for richer types of oils.

8. Supplements + Herbs.

Some people avoid them, but if we can feel a difference, we use them. We do. I always splurge on high-end, super clean powders, spices, herbs, teas and vitamins. Adding some stellar super greens to your daily smoothie is one of the best ways to jumpstart your health and your skin. You are your best investment.

9. Laser Genesis. Our Secret Weapon.

I think the big celebrity secret is Laser Genesis. It’s not crazy, doesn’t leave you red, doesn’t put any chemicals on your skin and can be (reasonably) affordable if you buy a package online. After six treatments, my overworked, neglected skin looked 10 years younger. It was tighter, glowing and everyone could tell a difference. It is definitely a commitment and a splurge, but if you’re recovering from neglect or lack of self-care, this could be exactly the recharge you need. Here’s the catch: Find out how old the machine is before you go in. I had the most wonderful experiences with Kate Somerville Salon in Los Angeles, and I thought that was normal. I tried a doctor in New York who had a machine that was invented with rotary dial phones; she charged a lung, and it was a waste of money and time. Always call and ask them how new the machine is that you will be working with. It’s always best to have a extraction facial beforehand, or perform your own extractions. It always works best on clean skin.

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