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Journaling: 3 Ways to Heal Women's Emotional Suffering

Anne Davin, PhD



Editor's note: Find a quiet spot with your journal to delve into these prompts.

1. Turn your rupture into rapture.

See with new eyes. Adopt a point of view that liberates and activates. Your emotional suffering has a purpose, and if captured and revealed, its healing intention is amplified. When you value your emotional turmoil and see it as worthy, beautiful and essential to your spiritual maturation, you transform a hard road into a luminous path of restorative potentiality. Your life is a quest for wholeness. Every loss (real or imagined) is an opportunity to dig deep and come back with even more of yourself. By infusing your awareness into the surprises, disappointments and ruptures that life can bring, you embody the life of a heroine—whole and awake. How? Rigorous honesty. When you want to ask “why,” ask “how” instead. “Why is this happening to me?” turns into “How is this serving me?” Name at least one way in which you feel victimized right now.

Now, change your “why” into a “how” question. Ask: How is this serving me right now? What is being revealed to me that requires my healing focus?

Sense beyond this set of circumstances to the bigger story, your soul’s journey. That is the current that promises to deliver you to your heart’s deepest longings and desires.

2. Vulnerability is your protection.

Charge hard at the irrational fears that limit your influence and impact in the world. Run in the direction of what “scares you to death” and resurrect from the ashes of your old identity a better version of yourself, the unimagined life born of your naked courage. How is your fear limiting you right now? How are you keeping yourself small and safe? How strong is the fear?

Respond to these three questions: What in my life right now makes me uncomfortable (squirm in your seat)?

What in my life right now scares me (sweaty palms or butterflies)?

What in my life right now terrifies me (“no way,” heart misses a beat)?

Take action on at least one of these answers today, and do at least one thing every week that scares you. On the other side of your fear is tremendous resilience. Resilience is your life force seeking to express itself in the world. Let it out.

3. Self-care creates self awareness.

When you tune in, you will turn on your inner light of awareness. When you’re relaxed, you activate the neo-cortex or “spirit mind.” You have greater access to inner confidence, clarity and creativity that enables you to move your world forward—beyond the heartbreak of the present to the promise of the yet-to-be-revealed. What does my body need to heal today?

What does my mind need to heal today?​

Anne Davin is a depth psychologist, writer, teacher and executive coach. Her work focuses on the role of psyche, culture and the marginalized voice of the feminine.​

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