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Creating Your Nourishing Sanctuary: Quick, Fun Ways to Transform Your Space

Maranda Pleasant


Instagram: @mantramagazine


Choose each piece of furniture

Separately Don’t think you are limited to megastores and matchy furniture groupings. Pick pieces that really speak to you. Throw them all together with colorful, cute pillows and rugs, and it will all work itself out in the mix. I never buy chairs in sets and always look for individual pieces. Flea markets, upcycled and vintage stores, garage sales, even street finds can provide you with unique oneof-a-kind and antique pieces. You want to create a space that is uniquely yours. Cultivate a space from your inspiration and imagination that pulls joy and creativity out of you.

Clear just enough clutter

Clear any excess clutter that weighs you down.Throw it out, donate it, and ask yourself if it still serves a positive purpose in your life. Make space for new energy. Most creatives need a little clutter to feel energized and inspired, but clean out the corners, junk drawers (or closets), and start with the intention of creating a space that loves you, supports you, and nurtures you. Everything in your space should nourish your spirit, feed your soul, and focus you on your goals.

Add textiles

Buy them on your travels, find them in vintage stores, flea markets, or garage sales. Gorgeous textiles and tapestries from Morocco, Latin America, or Uzbekistan create a colorful, global, eclectic mix with major pops of color to energize and brighten your space and increase your workflow and productivity.


Don’t be afraid of gorgeous reds, orange, and yellows. With your pillows, chairs, and all of your pieces, mix-and-match colors, themes, and textiles.

Don't forget the pillows

My therapist once told me I had a serious pillow addiction because I was a Cancer. Granted I really go overboard, but find those gorgeous patterns with pops of color, and all it takes is a few to totally transform the look of a room. It’s one of the most economical ways to shift your space.

Add plants

They improve your mood, purify the air, warm your space, and bring everything together and make it feel more homey. Even herbs for your kitchen add love and grounding.

Transform a room with a rug

We love them thick and squishy and full of color. A rug is one of the fastest, easiest ways to immediately transform the energy in your space.

Add pops of color with books

Find your favorite books for inspiration. Home design, art books, feminist novels, Frida Kahlo’s diary, whatever it is that pulls the best out of you and inspires you, surround your home with those great reads.


When I need to create or manifest, I really guard my sound space. If you need to relax your nervous system, stay away from aggressive beats or techno. Consciously choose music that will make you feel more peace, calm and clarity.

Add fun, funky pieces

I found gold unicorn heads and faux turquoise deer antlers online, and they became fun statement pieces that everyone’s enjoyed. Every room has a record player and a flamingo. Lighten up, and create your own rules. As you get older, you realize the importance of designing and creating a space that you love from the inside out, and you can let go of decorating from the outside in. Don’t design for other people. This was a huge mistake I made in my twenties – designing for the approval of others.

Candles everywhere

I tend to overdo it on the candles. My mom says my home smells like a bakery. Light a candle in the morning and set your intention for the day, and light another one before bed and reflect five gratitudes. In the evening, light them for dinner or meditation to nurture a relaxing environment. I light at least ten every night when I am home to create a living altar and sanctuary for myself. They remind me to slow down and practice more self-care.

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