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The Benefits of Hemp and Hemp Oil with CBD

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Hemp is a plant with huge potential in so many areas that it’s no wonder it is being hailed as a superfood, a nutritional supplement and a therapeutic option these days. The benefits are many, and it has been documented to help a lot of people with a plethora of conditions. But hemp (and hemp oil with CBD in particular) can do so much more.

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Research indicates that one of the primary compounds of hemp oil, cannabidiol (CBD), can reduce the fight-or-flight response by balancing out the HPA axis activity, which regulates the hormones responsible for emotional responses such as stress, anxiety and depression. While hemp oil cannot cure these conditions, it can be a support for people to overcome them in combination with professional help and therapy.

Nutritional supplement

Hemp oil and hemp seeds are well-known superfoods with a high nutritional value, as they contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty oils (such as omega-3 and omega-6) and even compounds that can help fight and prevent illnesses.

Promote sleep

Hemp oil with CBD has been shown in several studies to have a calming effect on the mind, which has helped people get a good night’s sleep for centuries. With a long history in Eastern medical practices, hemp is known as a natural remedy for sleep. Furthermore, hemp can also reduce pain, which is needed for rest as well.

Environmentally friendly

Hemp is perhaps the most beneficial plant for our environment. While its ability to adapt to any climate makes it globally cultivable, its versatility also extends to its cultivation and uses: Hemp doesn’t need any fertilizer or other help to grow, and its transformation into biofuel, biodegradable paper and plastic, clothes and so on creates no waste product—the entire plant is useful. Hemp is also optimal as an agricultural rotation crop that can grow in soil otherwise neglected due to lack of nutrients.

The benefits of hemp and hemp oil with CBD are so many that they can barely fit in one book—let alone one article. But this knowledge is freely available online, easy to

find for anyone curious enough to seek it.

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