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The Peaceful Mediterranean Island of Mallorca

Our Sweet Gem At a Glance

Maranda Pleasant


Instagram: @mantramagazine

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Travel Note 1:

Remember, the online Hotel Tonight app or price will sometimes be lower than the rate offered by the hotel. Give them a call directly and see if they can beat the online price. It could save you hundreds.

Travel Note 2:

Always call before booking and ask about surrounding construction. Our idyllic holiday was interrupted in Deià with eight hours of banging hammers at our dream hotel. Try relaxing around the pool or sleeping in with a jackhammer party nearby.

Travel Note 3:

There’s no shortage of gorgeous places to stay, so make sure you read those reviews! Always try to stay above a 9.0 rating, and look for what’s important to you. Check the size of the room. As a quick rule of thumb, 35 square meters is around 350 square feet, so just add a zero after the size. Look for Wi-Fi ratings, windows, noise factors and location. Ecotourism and farms can be a relaxing, peaceful way to go.

Travel Note 4:

On the island, we use Sixt rental car, because of the zero-deductible insurance that gives us peace of mind, and the process is fast and easy.

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We had a day trip here in the capital, only 15 minutes from the main airport. I don’t recommend having a car in Palma. You’ll have to park here for $32 a day, 15 minutes away from your hotel in a public parking garage, not able to really drive in the city or you risk racking up tickets from driving on small streets only meant for residents. If you want to spend a few days in Palma, taxi here and grab your rental car when you’re ready to explore the rest of the island. The Cathedral, the Almudaina Palace and Plaza Mayor are some of the sites that are well worth visiting. The most beautiful monuments are surrounded by pine forests, boats and palm trees. There is a golden buzz and vibrancy to Palma, but make sure you enjoy the wildness of the coasts and countryside.


One of the prettiest villages on the island, nestled in the mountains, but only 30 minutes from Palma, the village is covered in cobbled alleyways and stepped streets, lined with quaint stone houses and potted plants. Most of the buildings have painted tiles by their doors, depicting scenes relating to Santa Catalina, which are said to ward off bad luck. There are picturesque streets to wander and numerous cafés and restaurants in which to linger. The 13th-century royal Carthusian monastery where Chopin rented rooms is open to the public and includes a museum in his honor.


The picturesque hilltop village of Deià is my favorite, and it has long attracted artists and creatives, although these days the village is more of a wealthy playground than strictly a bohemian escape. Cobbled streets, picturesque stone houses with green shutters, and stunning views of cliffs, mountains and the sea give an air of sleepy rustic charm, with a few scattered bewitching luxury hotels and affordable options. Don’t miss the legendary sunset. Splurge on a half-day private boat rental for about $250. You can’t beat the clear, warm water in the Mediterranean.


The town of Sóller (not Port de Sóller) is a beautiful and traditional Mallorcan town, set in a lush valley full of olive groves and citrus trees. The main square is vibrant and buzzy, with cafés and eateries, and is overlooked by the stunning Sant Bartomeu church, which the vintage tram creeks past on its way to the port. Its narrow streets are lined with charming townhouses and small shops selling produce from the valley and artisan goods.

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