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The Keys to Finding Happiness

Sam Glory



When you feel like you’re losing at the game of life, it’s easy to start doubting your capabilities as a player and become disheartened—after all, this little game of ours can seem tough and even unfair at times. But what if all the rough tackles you ever received in life were in fact prompts to remind you that your worth isn’t and never will be limited to your so called accomplishments or failures. That your innate freedom to happiness will not be found in the representation of what you do or don’t for that matter.

Regain Perspective

For when you feel as if you are failing at anything, you are fundamentally being given the opportunity to draw the curtains around the illusion of who you think you are and give up on the game itself so that you can experience the unconditional—the so called ‘losing’ al - lows you to remember your natural state and walk away from the need to win as a mean of compensating for any lack of unreserved Self-Love.

You Are Not Your Identity You learn to dis-identify from your ego persona and detach your worth from all the labels you have assumed, and as a result, you bring back your true Self into focus. You consciously cease to believe that this form of illusory branding is all that you are and recognize that anything that cements you to a static definition of your being, is bound to lock you into a state of limitation and hurt. Realizing that skill based success is not bringing you unconditional fulfillment, brings you the unwavering bliss you knew could only be found within.

Letting Go

You relinquish the need to control everything in and around your immediate reality and start to accept and honor your experiences for the growth opportunities that they are. On a deeper level, you begin to grasp that the whole pursuit of your unconditional happiness needs to have its focus internalized and realized as a state of being as opposed to doing, free from any dependable component—elemental happiness of the Self is not available from your external reality, it just is.

Create Don’t Recreate

You begin to question what overlay you have subconsciously applied onto your reality by bringing awareness into your conscious thought-process. All the automatic responses that you have been accustomed to make are scrutinized and sorted according to their value. Are they beneficial to your overall well-being or are they robbing you of the opportunity to create new experiences?

No Need For Validation

You no longer need external confirmations of your worth to provide you with your value for you are in tune with your Inner Self and know the magnificence that it beholds regardless of whether your surroundings agree with you. You realize that she who does not need external validation, is actually the most feared in the world—and that absolute freedom is yours to keep.

Turn Someday and Later Into Now

You begin to realize that the perfect time to commit to your highest good is not residing in the future, nor in your past. You remember that even though life may have seemed to stagnate for decades, it has the possibility to change in a heart - beat. You don’t wait for tomorrow, the weekend or the next holiday—you know the future has already started.

Sam Glory is an author committed to the evolution of consciousness and Higher Self awareness.

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