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I Choose Trust

Rinetta Klinger



I believe:

• There is always a solution.

• You are enough and there is enough.

• Beauty is remedy for our souls.

…a week of inner turbulence finally comes to an end. Resistance towards resistance. Nonstop.

In a brief moment of relaxation, letting it all be—the next big wave hit me. And all I wanted was those unbearable feelings to leave me. I’m speechless. I hadn’t experienced it so intensely for a very long time. I thought that was behind me. Sigh. Laugh. Cry. All at once. Then yesterday I grabbed a crime novel from a pile of books and let myself sink in for two half-days. Prayers for the Dead by Faye Kellerman. A recommendation for all crime novel lovers. But I still felt betwixt and between. Although the book had tied me, I kept remembering what I wanted to work on. And there was my resistance again.

And me back in trouble with myself. Nevertheless, I made delicious food and delicious green smoothies. Preparing food is always beneficial to me, as I am completely in Zen while I prepare it. I’m here and now and focused; that’s wonderful. That’s why I’m passionate about developing recipes and cooking. Finally I sat down and started to write. Suddenly I realized what I need in this moment: Trust! Trust that everything is just right as it is. Everything moves in the direction I go. And that reminds me of a postcard given by a friend, and which has been hanging on my fridge for years: “I already have my results, I just do not know on which path I’ll get there,” by C.F. Gauss. I took a deep breath and continued writing.

It is such a challenge for me to see and read success stories and still stay well focused on my own path. So many have come much further in a few years than I—at least that’s my interpretation. Of course, I know my story, my background and my roots and that I have already achieved a lot regarding all that. But I also know about all that inner work that I have been doing for years. My desire appears repeatedly to be moving forward faster towards my vision. I got VERY clear this year: be yourself, stop comparing.

You will do everything at exactly the right time. Choose TRUST, when you don’t know what to do next. When you have no impulse. No motivation for inspired action. Choose trust that the right thing will always happen for you at the right time. Calm down and take a look inside yourself: Your inner compass will tell you you are okay. You are enough. You are moving forward at your very own pace. Take a deep breath, relax, and inspiration will appear. There is always only now, and as is said so often, the challenge is to live it. I continue with baby steps. I feel again that I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything happens at exactly the right time for me. And you. Everything is always working out for me. And you. Choose trust. Tell yourself: I choose trust. And then relax. RADIANT. VITAL. BRILLIANT. That’s who you are

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