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The Biggest Misconceptions I Had About Wellness

Ana Goldseker, Certified Nutritional Counselor



1. Weight Loss is a Journey Not a Marathon

Losing weight for “something or someone” never works. Whether it was prom, a holiday, a vacation with the family, I used the event to "scare" me into leaving food completely. I thought that the goal was to lose weight quickly. When I can help clients see this approach, it is a total game changer in their results.

2. Focus On a Method or Coach That Works For You

There are a million food programs out there – while many can work most do not. The weight loss industry in America is a billion dollar industry. Find one that works for your lifestyle, age, and body type and be consistent!

Stop reading books on other people's weight loss plans. Focus on you.

3. When Someone Talks About Restricting Foods, RUN

Whatever you call it, restricting and not eating a nutrient dense diet will ultimately sabotage your goals. So, we need to eat. And, we need to eat until our bellies are full. Only then, when the belly stretches, are hormones released that tell you that you are satisfied. Did you know that?!

4. See Your Weight Issues As a GIFT

For years, I felt victimized by my body. I hated my body. I would pass a mirror and throw darts. I couldn't look at myself naked. I apologized for my physical presence all the time. It wasn't until much later, into my late 40's that I saw my weight issue as a gift. In other words, I would have continued to eat pizza and wings until the cows came home, if I was still skinny. Have you heard of skinny fat – it is a real thing. The fact that I struggled with my weight made me eventually turn to my habits, and my health. Now I can see the blessing in the journey.

5. YES Eat Starch

You know those people that tell you that the only way to lose weight is to stay away from starches? Well for me, the only thing that worked, was to eat good starches. I lose weight when I eat starches that are grown - yes from the ground! I eat a very low fat meal. In other words, I can eat a potato, but not potato chips. I can eat rice, but not bread. I can eat a bunch of fruit, but not an apple pie. I choose starches that are natural. Again think ground. Steam, bake, roast, grill or boil your starches. Refined (process) starches or adding oil creates inflammation. Make sense?

6. Food As Fuel

Lastly, our bodies are built to be a system. Food is the fuel. Each organ fueling other parts of your body. YES think of pumping your body with nutrient dense foods—call it the “food pump”! We pump good gas into our cars each week—let’s do the same for our bodies! Please think about that the next time you want to try what she is doing to “lose weight’ – it’s about the mindful intentions first my friends!

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