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Mantra Wellness: Infused Water Ideas

Mantra Magazine



1} Create a ‘Hydration Station’ around your work area.

I seriously call it that. I always have a pitcher of lemon water with Stevia or fruit water on my work table, along with a bottle of sparkling water, just to keep it exciting. I drink almost 2 gallons a day, and my skin and energy levels thank me for it, but I need to keep it fresh and exciting.

2} Drinking a ton of water helps with anxiety, stabilizing moods, improves attention and focus.

Dehydration leads to major meltdowns for me where the world is ending, when all I need is a pitcher of water.

3} You can’t reduce your weight without hella water.

It helps us flush our system and keep everything clean, including our minds.

4} Your skin is gonna shine baby shine.

You’ll notice a difference in the first 7-10 days. My facialist asked me why I even bothered coming to her if I wasn’t going to slam water. I like it direct. You’ll see lines, creases and cracks ease up when you’re drinking a ton of agua.

Ingredients To Energize and Brighten Your Infusions

+ Lemon and cayenne make a great combo.

+ Citrus, cucumber, ginger and turmeric rock my world.

+ Mint, basil, lemon, rosemary and strawberries.

+ Apples and cinnamon are a quirky fun pick me up.

+ Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries thrown into anything make it better.

+ Watermelon is always a winner as well.

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