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It's a Brand New Day: Things to Let Go of This Year

Ruby Krull

MANTRA Wellness


Instagram: @mantramagazine


LET GO OF... The belief that you could have accomplished more. Even if we successfully tackle some of our goals, it can still feel like we are underachieving. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t complete, be proud of what you did. It is impossible and unhealthy to say yes to everything. You can set proper boundaries and limits on your capabilities and still be incredibly successful.

LET GO OF... Unhealthy coping mechanisms. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, think about how you approach the situation. Do you turn to food, friends, exercise, music? Letting go of unhealthy stress management habits can make a significant difference in your physical and mental health.

LET GO OF... The need to please everyone. There will always be someone who doesn’t approve of what you are doing. Let go of this negative energy. The most important thing is that you pursue the career or hobby that you love.

LET GO OF... Always being in control. It can be hard to trust others when we want a job done right and completed in a timely manner. But oftentimes we need to work collaboratively, which should be seen as an asset rather than an obstacle. Everyone has a unique workflow and approach to solving problems. If you go with the flow and embrace your differences, you will be able to achieve much more than if you had insisted on working alone.

LET GO OF... Procrastination. Sometimes we procrastinate when a task feels daunting or simply too big to tackle. The best way to stay on top of your goals and avoid future stress is to develop a plan with several short-term targets that can realistically be achieved.

LET GO OF... Following social media accounts that make you feel defeated, frustrated or inferior. The best way to stop comparing yourself to others and their unrealistic images is to simply eliminate them from your feed. A digital cleanse allows you to focus on your true friends and surround yourself with positive energy.

LET GO OF... Telling yourself that you will catch up on sleep over the weekend or when your workload is lighter. Getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night should be a priority. It may actually improve your overall mood and efficiency throughout your life.

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