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How Emotions Can Make Us Sick

Dr. Nicole Krakora Huffman, NMD



We know during an emotional event that proteins are created and stored in the tissues, organs, nerves, muscles, etc. Often, a trauma is quite literally imprinted in the body somewhere, and if it’s not dealt with, it will fester to become something that could cause disease. It’s common that when something stressful happens we see it show up in the body months to years later. Trauma can be something that was very serious, and it can also be something we give less thought to, such as a move, argument, birth of a sibling, etc.

How do past events, traumas and the stories we create play out in our lives now?

We all have our own emotional realities. Let’s say that you get in an argument with your husband in front of your three-year-old daughter while she is eating breakfast. You have decided he doesn’t spend enough time with the two of you because he is always working on the house, and he thinks you don’t appreciate all the hard work he does. There will be three different emotional realities that are created just by that moment. Your husband will have an emotional reality of what was said and how he feels the conversation went, and so will you! Most likely your emotional realities will be very different from one another. Your daughter will also have her own emotional reality or the story she creates that is her truth. She might think it’s her fault mom and dad are arguing—who knows. The bottom line is that everyone creates their own version of what happened and it doesn’t matter if it’s “right” or not because it’s your truth. Will that argument have a lasting effect in your body? Probably not—these situations happen all the time. It’s possible your three-year-old could have started to create a story around it.

My guess is that you and your husband are most likely being triggered by each other with the original event stemming from your past. What are triggers? You’ve heard the saying “Someone is really pulling my strings” or “She knows just how to push my buttons.” What does this mean? It means that sometimes we don’t consciously know where these triggers come from, but subconsciously we do. And our bodies hold all the answers. Was there a story you created when you were younger about someone not making an effort to spend enough time with you? And now every time your husband is preoccupied with his projects it triggers you back to that time? Very possible. And your husband probably also has a story that he wasn’t appreciated, and once in a while you trigger that for him. Our spouses are often our greatest teachers and bring the most up for healing. There are many modalities that doctors, healers, therapists, etc. use to help the body deal with these original traumas so that our relationships now are more peaceful. It is more widely accepted that emotions affect relationships, but these traumas also affect our physical bodies as mentioned above. Some of these modalities also address healing in the physical body. My personal favorite is NET, Neuro Emotional Technique. It’s fast, effective and eliminates the guessing game. NET uses Chinese medical philosophy, which correlates emotions with organ systems. For example, anger is stored in the liver, grief in the lungs, fear in the kidneys. If not dealt with, we can see these emotions fester in those organs and cause physical imbalances. I also love meditation, homeopathy, flower essences, etc. to help heal emotions/traumas and allow the body to obtain optimal health.

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