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Thinking About Adding Functional Mushrooms to Your Morning Routine? Here’s How!

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By this point, it’s likely you’ve heard about the benefits of incorporating mushrooms into your coffee routine. Although at first, this combination may sound like a random fad or a trend, in truth, it’s one of the best ways to enhance your daily ritual. Laird Superfood, founded by big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, offers a variety of plant-based products that make it delicious and easy to enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms.

Functional Mushrooms have been used for centuries in Eastern cuisine and medicine. In recent years, scientists have studied functional mushrooms for their plethora of wellness supporting benefits. High-performance athletes like Laird Hamilton have turned to mushrooms like Chaga and Cordyceps to add a boost to their regimens for years! When Laird founded Laird Superfood, he knew he wanted to create products that elevate your daily rituals.

Their newly released Mushroom Coffee is the perfect blend of Organic Peruvian Coffee along with three epic functional mushrooms: Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane. They source their coffee beans from high-altitude farms in Peru where the beans are hand-picked, wet-processed, and slow-roasted to create a deeply satisfying flavor in every cup. The incorporation of functional mushrooms in this blend will take your cup to the next level with the unique properties of each mushroom. And don’t worry, you won’t taste any mushrooms, only the rich and smooth flavor of the coffee!

Chaga is Laird’s favorite mushroom (he’s known to have a pot of Chaga tea simmering on the stove at all times!). This mushroom is referred to as “Chaga Gold” for its valuable properties. Cordyceps is considered the “Fountain of Youth” in the mushroom kingdom and is loved by endurance performers of all genres. Lion’s Mane is quickly growing in popularity as a functional food and is prized for its polysaccharides, as with all functional mushrooms.

Simply brew and add a tablespoon or two of Laird Superfood Creamer to make a delicious cup of coffee you’ll crave again and again.

Try making this delicious, superfood latte with functional mushrooms at home!

Your morning to-do list will thank you.

Superfood Latte with Functional Mushrooms

Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 1

You’ll Need:

1 Tbs of Laird Superfood Mushroom Coffee

2 Tbs of Laird Superfood Creamer


  1. Brew your coffee using your favorite method! (Use 1 TBS of ground coffee for every 8 oz of water.)

  2. Pour your coffee into your favorite mug and add 2 TBS of Laird Superfood Mushroom Creamer.

  3. Vigorously stir, or use a power-frother to blend until creamy! (You can also use a blender!)

  4. Enjoy!

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