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Ashtanga Teacher Laruga Glaser Discusses the Importance of Daily Practice

Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2017 | March 30 to April 2


Instagram: @AYCconfluence |


Q: What is the importance of breath?

A: Breath is the cornerstone of the practice as it anchors us into the present moment. It connects our internal reality with the external world. In my eyes, there is nothing more powerful in making that bridge, especially in the beginning stages of yoga practice. When we simply bring consciousness of the breath, it has a way of naturally lengthening and deepening, which has an immediate effect on our frazzled nervous system. The breath awakens our awareness to the energetic nature of our being and unites us with the undercurrent that is our spiritual nature. I often tell students of the practice, if all else fails in terms of how we adhere to the asanas, just breathe, connect there first. The breath calms and centers our mind and body and allows us to enter a state of attentive relaxation, which gives higher results than how we ultimately perform the asanas. I find the breath to be magical and mysterious, one reason I personally feel there is much more for me to learn in terms of the importance and beauty of it. I deeply feel the more we can practice conscious breathing daily, even off the mat, it can assist in aligning to the ow of life that is ultimately guiding us to our highest potential whatever that may be.

Q: What do you hope people take with them into their daily practice? What does the yoga community need to do to take the practice of yoga to the next level?

A: It really goes back to one of my favorites quotes, which states: “the one you are looking for is the one who is looking.” The yoga practice takes us into the heart of our existence. Daily practice offers the reminder this process of living and understanding is an inside job. There is a wisdom inside that connects all beings on this planet. Everyone has access to it if we simply settle the mind and allow it to flow into our awareness. Taking it to the next level is to sincerely live it by practicing this way of being within our interactions with others, within our communities, and immediate environment and of course within.

Q: Explain what it means to be a part of the next generation of Ashtanga yoga teachers?

A: It means a great deal as I play a very small part in a community that reaches both far and wide. Today Ashtanga yoga has reached almost every corner of the world as more people are benefiting from the practice and because of that there is a new wave of teachers also sharing and spreading the practice. Because of this reach, it is my hope that this next generation can be open minded to various perspectives and experiences within the yoga community and that through it all we must be able to unite within our differences and see contrast as a strength to be cherished as it adds color to the fabric of the community in a beautiful way.

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