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Helping Ignite the Light of Your Soul with Deirdre Hade

Q&A with Deirdre Hade, author of The (not so) Little Book of Surprises


Interview: Betsy Chasse


Q: What would you say to those of us feeling out of whack with the world?

A: I would say, "You have every reason to feel out of whack and it’s okay that you do!" The path of awakening requires that we go through times of chaos. Uncertainty requires that we go deeper into faith. You’re being asked now to discover true faith. It is beyond intention-setting: It is a conscious practice of yoking every fiber of your being to the light of truth. Truth with faith will not only carry you through, but will lift you above the fray of chaos. One simple energy tool you can use is to imagine a soft, golden orb of light in your belly. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of this golden light of faith falling your body until you feel safe, calm and connected to your Higher Self.

Q: Why did you create your book, The (not so) Little Book of Surprises?

A: Your soul’s heart is opening now. You need supportive understanding for your own inner wisdom to awaken so that your higher self can help you and guide you clearly in this increasingly complex world of ours. Surprises is a spiritual journey, an art book of my life’s work. My hope is that it brings you hope, clarity and answers for you to live your greatest inspiring life.

Photo: Morgan Lee Alain

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