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How to Use Plant Power for Better Emotional Health


Stress knocks the health right out of us. In our efforts to be strong and balanced, we cannot dismiss the dramatic impact emotions have on our physical and mental health.

Dr. Edward Bach, a noted London medical doctor, surgeon, bacteriologist and homeopath, ventured to create a system that would address emotional health. Keenly noting how quickly emotionally healthy patients recovered from an illness, he created 38 flower-based remedies to aid with balancing emotional states, citing seven categories (roots of stress):


Are you timid, fearful of known things such as the dark, pain, people, dogs? Mimulus would be your remedy. It helps restore courage and relieves irrational fears. There are five remedies in this category.


With so many decisions to be made in this hectic, demanding world, it’s nice to know that there are six Bach remedies to help with that daunting task. Do you have trouble making up your mind, while ideas endlessly bounce around in your head? Scleranthus helps with the ability to make quick decisions.

Insufficient Interest in the Present:

Exhausted after a long illness or even a long, hard, stressful day at work? Olive can restore peace of mind, strength and vitality. It’s difficult to find focus and energy. Dr. Bach knew that nearly 100 years ago!


Sometimes loneliness happens by choice. Do people move too slowly for you? Would you rather everyone just left you alone so you could get things done faster and better? Impatiens is your remedy.

Oversensitivity to Ideas and Influences:

It’s good to say “No” sometimes. Say it politely but firmly. The Bach remedy, Centaury, is helpful for those who have a difficult time saying that little word. Bach also created three other remedies to help support those who are oversensitive.

Despondency and Despair:

Are you usually confident, but find yourself overwhelmed because responsibilities are piling up and you can’t handle them? Elm will help restore your temporary loss of faith in yourself and your abilities.

Over-concern for Others:

Are you usually right about how things need to be done? Would it be so much better if everyone would just follow your directions? Rock Water helps us let go a bit and trust that others can figure it out.

Rescue Remedy is considered the 39th Bach Flower but is a synergistic blend of Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Clematis. It creates a “first aid” formula which should be in everyone’s emergency kit. Great for personal crises or trauma such as an auto accident, or just a trip to the dentist, Rescue restores confidence and balance in cases of shock, fear or severe mental tension.

Emotional health is a huge piece of the overall wellness puzzle. The stress-relieving Bach Flower remedies should have a firm place in everyone’s routine.

Michelle Riley is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath from Trinity School of Natural Health, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and specializes in RBTI, Quantum Reflex Integration, Harmonic Light and BodyTalk, at Athelas Wellness Center in Star, Idaho.

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