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10 Fun Tips for Traveling Smart

Travel Editor, Boris MARCHI



Private Browsing

If you are using a website to find flights, always browse on an incognito window. Flights are typically cheaper when you search on a private browser. Why? These sites use cookies to track what trips you are frequently searching, and will intentionally change the prices based on your search history.

Get The Best Deals

I love this app, Hopper. You can “track” certain dates for trips and receive real-time notifications when the price drops or changes. Skyscanner is a website that does the same thing, but I have a weak spot for simple apps that do the work for me, so that’s why Hopper remains my favorite. Google flights can also show you the cheapest days to fly, but they don’t always include all of the available airlines.

Swap Stories

Tired of seeing the same “Top 10 Things to Do” articles while planning for your trip? Join Facebook groups like Girls LOVE Travel to get more personalized recommendations from people who’ve already visited your destination. Skip the tourist traps and make a beeline for the spots that fellow travelers have discovered and can vouch for. Search Facebook groups, car sharing sites, and find bloggers who most represent your style and interests.

Book Directly

A lot of airlines, especially budget airlines, have hidden fees when you don’t book directly through them. Third party sites are great for scoping out deals, but when you find a ticket, go onto the airline’s official page to book. Third party sites don’t always disclose everything about that airline, which is why so many people feel blindsided at the check-in counter.


Are You Really Gonna Wear That?

Gone for five days, with twelve dresses? Three pairs of shoes even though you only wear one at home? Four bathing suits? It’s a silly feeling to unpack your bag at home and put away the clothes you never ended up wearing on your trip. That space could have been taken up by souvenirs or you could have saved serious cash by packing a smaller bag. Genuinely ask yourself, “Am I going to need this?” before zipping your bag.

Pack Light, Thrift When You Arrive

This might be a little too adventurous for some, but on my last trip to Paris, I only packed essentials: electronics, underwear, and toiletries. The only clothes I took were literally ones on my back. I knew I was going to end up buying clothes once I got there. I went straight from my hotel to Vintage Desir, a great thrift spot in Le Marais to visit when you’re on a budget. I got 4 dresses and that ended up being all I wore on my trip, which in total was cheaper than the cost of a carry-on.


Get Your Bag First!

If you check a bag, mark it as fragile. Your bag is more likely to be handled with care, and fragile bags are typically put in the plane last, which means they’re the first bags that make it to the carousel.

Pamper On The Plane

I like to spray my eye mask with a dilution of lavender oil and water. It soothes my eyes while the smell helps distract from the less savory aspects of being on a plane. Face wipes and heavy duty moisturizer are always in my carry-on, since flying typically dries my skin out. If you’re feeling extra, pop on a natural sheet mask while you recline! And don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and always bring the ear plugs. It’s always a good idea to sanitize/wipe down your screen, arm rests and area before your flight.

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