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Ayurvedic Wellness: How To Identify Your Dosha Type

Angelica Neri & Rachel Jeffries

Co-founders of SoulFull Veda



There has been a lot of buzz around trendy new diets, superfoods, workouts and even eating plans (read: intermittent fasting) in recent years. To be honest, we have tried a few of them and actually seen great results, except that those results are usually fleeting. Instead of a trendy new diet, we focus on a science and lifestyle that has been around for over 5,000 years and works. That science is called Ayurveda, which literally means the science of knowledge of life. Ayur means life, and Veda means knowledge. The purpose of this science was to lead us toward optimal health. We can find balance in body, mind and spirit by connecting with nature and gaining a greater understanding of the nature of ourselves. Our goal is to resurface the beauty and power of this science and bring it into a modern-day context.

Identifying Doshas, or Energy Types

In nature, there are five elements, and each element has its own energy type:

Earth is grounding and stable.

Water is fluid and flowing. Fire is sharp and transformative.

Air is light and dry.

Ether is open and vast.

Every living thing is made up of a unique combination of the elements, and every person is made up of a combination of these elements. To better understand them, the science presents the doshas. Two elements combined equal one dosha.

Therefore, Earth + Water = Kapha, Water + Fire = Pitta, Air + Ether = Vata.

We can describe our physical structure, personalities, physiological functions, daily habits, etc., all through the doshas.

Those with more Vata energies—air and ether—will have light, unstable, cold nature to them. Their physical structures typically

include slight frames, long limbs and a thin appearance. Their personalities are bubbly, enthusiastic, creative, indecisive and forgetful. When out of balance, Vatas get bloated, gassy, and have less BM and dry skin.

People with more Pitta energies—fire and a little bit of water—will be hot and sharp. Their physical structures include muscular structures with even/symmetrical proportions. Their personalities are goal-oriented, workaholics and competitive. They have strong appetites, but out of balance they have the tendency to develop burning indigestion and are prone to acne.

Those with more Kapha energies—earth and water—are stable, heavy, dense. Kaphas have strong physical structures, are bigger boned and have stockier or curvier features. Their personalities are sweet, dependable and stubborn. They have low appetites, and when out of balance, they have sluggish digestion and like to oversleep.

Although life doesn’t work out in stereotypes, it helps us to grasp concepts. Every human being has a unique makeup of each of the doshas and at any time can find themselves resonating more toward one of the elements.

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